Musician Memoirs: Josh Kurzweil

Musician Memoirs: Josh Kurzweil

Musician Memoirs is a feature where we ask our Lone Star Wind Orchestra’s musicians how has music changed their lives.

Bass Clarinetist Josh Kurzweil writes, “Music changed my life, because I come from a musical family. My grandmother studied at Julliard, and it was very important to her that my father, aunt, and uncles received musical training when they were young. I was constantly surrounded by music while growing up (though my mother will tell you that she can’t even tune a radio). I started my instrumental music training in the 6th grade right here in the North Dallas suburbs, and I feel very fortunate to have had many teachers who were influential in my musical development. Music was something that came very naturally, but it was hard work, determination, and practice that brought me to achieving my goal of making the Texas All-State Band my final year of high school. This propelled me to earn a music scholarship to college.

Now, as a music educator, I get to give back my enjoyment of music to the next generation of young musicians daily. As a member of the Lone Star Wind Orchestra since its inaugural year in 2006, I have always made sure that my students are given the opportunity to hear me perform, and to remind them how important it is to me to be an instrumentalist, just like them. Auditioning for the Lone Star Wind Orchestra was one of the best decisions of my life; it is certainly the most musically rewarding ensemble I have been a part of since college.

Thank you so much to Barry Knezek, Christopher Tucker, and Eugene Corporon for providing me with this amazing outlet to showcase my talents. Thank you to my family (Jason, Mom, Dad, and Linda) for your encouragement and support over these years.”